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Customer Complaints & Compliments

Social media is powerful enough to make or break most businesses.


Dondo is the platform where business owners can engage through our trained experts with their clients to resolve problems before the upset client destroys the business’ image on social media.


Dondo is both a deterrent and a motivation tool.


Employees will think twice before upsetting clients, and employees will put in extra effort to get recognition.


Employers who reward employees for positive feedback received will see a drastic improvement in employee performance.


Spreading the message by displaying signage, adding the Dondo QR code on till slips, and promoting the service on the company website, will show clients that the business owner is committed to providing excellent service and products.

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Protected Employee Disclosures

Our subscribers are supplied with an internal company policy, where employees are informed that we are your communication platform between you and them.


Our experts handle all legally required communication and will advise on what action to take, to ensure our subscribers stay legally compliant.


We keep records of all disclosures should any employees in future claims that they have made a disclosure.

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Whistleblowing Hotline Management

Consumers are tired of being “taxed” by dishonest people and they want to blow the whistle on them.


Unfortunately, the available platforms are either toothless, or consumers do not trust them.


Providing a platform for people to report unethical behaviour or dishonesty is the business owner’s radar where “bogeys” will sooner or later be detected.


Having this radar in place deters employees as they now know that anyone in the community can be the boss’ eyes and ears.


The Dondo system is designed to both deter hoaxes and to identify them, before valuable resources and money is wasted on false information.


Using former SAPS Investigators in our data processing procedures, where newly reported information is compared with information on our database, ensure better information for our subscribers.

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