The Challenges Babies Face at Creches

The DONDO Solution for Creches

A secure online portal for incident reporting, easily accessible by parents and staff by scanning a QR code

Reports can include:

  • Bullying
  • Unethical behavior – Giving children edicine to sleep, etc.
  • Dishonesty
  • Sexual abuse
  • Maintenance issues

Advantages of using DONDO

  • We use our unique skills to convert the smallest piece of reported information into something that can be used in an investigation.
  • Our record keeping and follow-ups ensure that creches deal appropriately with staff members and dishonest/unethical individuals.
  • We include the owners of the facility and at least two parents in our processes to ensure transparency and that action gets taken.
  • We ensure that employers always adhere to relevant legislation.
  • All services are provided privately and discretely.

Our Maintenance Record Keeping Service

  • Maintenance issues can be logged on the reporting portal.
  • Photos can be uploaded to make explanations less complicated.
  • Cleaning and maintenance staff receive email notifications as soon as an issue is reported.
  • Every report gets a unique reference number and will only be marked as “completed” once feedback had been provided.
  • A list of pending issues is mailed to cleaning and maintenance staff regularly, which can be used as a to-do list.

Subscription Pricing

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Parent Profile
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