How To Subscribe


1. Click/Tap on the “Join as Employer" or “Register" buttons in the primary navigation menu (highlighted with red borders).

We would recommend that you keep this page open in a separate tab/window so that if you need guidance, you're only 1 click away!

Please click/tap on the following step titles to expand the relevant sections.


1. Enter your desired username.

2. Enter your preferred email address.

3. Enter your desired password.

4. Complete the reCAPTCHA (I'm not a robot), only if you are not a robot!

5. Peruse our Privacy Policy and agree to it in order to proceed.

6. Peruse our Terms and Conditions and agree to it in order to proceed.

7. Click/Tap on the “Register" button.

DTTD Sign Up


1. Visit the inbox of the email account that you registered your account with.

2. Click/Tap on the email confirmation link (underlined in red) in order to confirm your account.


1. Once back on the site (after clicking/tapping the email confirmation link from the last step); click/tap on the “Continue" button.

2. Please agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service again. We want to ensure that you are familiar with our terms.

Click/Tap on the “Submit" button.

3. Click/Tap on the “Select A Plan & Add Your Business" button to proceed.


1.  Select a subscription plan that corresponds to the number of employees on a single premises.

2. A single subscription includes services for a single premises. For multiple premises, additional subscriptions need to be taken.

3. A once-off sign up and setup fee of R750 is applicable to all businesses. If you intend on adding multiple premises in a single session, the sign up fee will only apply for the first premises.

4. All subscriptions are recurring and are paid for on a monthly basis.

5. If you have a premises with more than 100 employees that you would like to add; please contact us as [email protected] for a custom quote.


1. Add your registered business name. If you plan to have a subscription for multiple businesses, we would recommend entering your business name followed by a hyphen and the suburb or street it is located in. Please see the examples below:

– Example Business – Bellville (if you only have one premises per suburb)
– Example Business – Main Road (if you have more than one premises per suburb)

Adding the suburb or street that the business allows our website users to find the relevant premises more easily and minimizes the risk that they submit information on the wrong premises' listing.

If you have more than one premises in the same road or a premises in different cities/suburbs in a road that has the same name, you can also enter the business names as follows:

– Example Business – 10 Main Road
– Example Business – Bellville – 10 Main Road

2. If your business has a tagline or slogan, please add it here.

3. Upload you business logo (recommended but optional).

The recommended resolution for logos is 1200px by 1200px. The lowest resolution image supported for business logos is 600px by 600px.

Please adhere to the square aspect ratio.

We would recommend ensuring that the logo is in the center of the image and that there is open space on all sides of the image as the logo will display in a circle on our website.

4. Upload a cover image (recommended but optional).

The recommended resolution for logos is 1920px by 1080px (full HD). The lowest resolution supported for the cover image is 1200px by 675px.

Please adhere to the aspect ratio.

The cover image is displayed at the top of your business listing. We would recommend using photos of the business premises, its products or services for the cover image.

5. Upload a featured image (recommended but optional).

The recommended resolution for logos is 1920px by 1240px. The lowest resolution supported for the featured image is 1200px by 800px.

Please adhere to the aspect ratio.

The featured image is displayed on all search, location and category archive pages. An example of how this image will appear on our website can be viewed at

We would recommend using photos of the business premises, its products or services for the featured image. We will also accept images containing your business logo. Please note that there should be sufficient free space around the logo as this image is resized based on the resolution of the device viewing the website.

Please note that if no images are uploaded for the logo, cover and featured image sections a default placeholder image will be used.

If you require assistance with the sizing of imagery please leave the above sections (3, 4 and 5) empty during submission and forward any relevant imagery to [email protected] so that we can edit and publish the media on your behalf at no additional cost.

6. Select the category/industry that most closely matches the business conducted from the respective premises.

7. Enter the business premises preferred email address and contact number (optional).

8. Select the province in which this business premises is located.

9. Enter the physical address of the business premises. Please note that the latitude and longitude will be automatically updated once the address has been entered and selected from the drop-down menu.

10. Click/Tap on the “Save & Preview" button in order to preview your listing submission.


1. If you are satisfied with your submission, click/tap the “Pay & Publish" button.

2. If you would like to make changes to your submission, click/tap on the “Edit Listing" button in order to return to the previous page.


1. Review your chosen subscription and click/tap on the “Proceed to checkout" button in order to continue.


1. Enter all pertinent business and contact information for your billing account with Dondo The Talking Drum.

2. Read (if not done yet) and agree to Dondo The Talking Drum's Terms and Conditions in order to proceed.

3. Click/Tap on the “Sign up now" button to create your order and direct you to our payment gateway (PayFast).


1. Enter your card details on PayFast's secure payment page.

2. Click/Tap on the payment button to process a payment for your order and to create a recurring subscription.

3. In the event that you would like to cancel a recurring subscription to Dondo The Talking Drum, you can do so via the following means:

– Log into your PayFast account and cancel the recurring billing agreement.

– Log into your dashboard on Dondo The Talking Drum's website, navigate to the “Billing" page and cancel your subscription.

– Contact us via email at [email protected] and request a service cancellation.


1. After completing your submission and payment we will proceed to review your submission. Please note that this process can take up to 48 hours (Monday to Friday).

2. Once we have reviewed your submission we will either approve your subscription and listing or we will contact you in regard to further information that we may require in order to have your subscription approved.

We would like to thank you for making use of our services.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us at [email protected]


1. Business logo.

2. Business name and tagline/slogan.

3. Business cover image.

4. Form for users to submit protected disclosures, complaints, compliments and whistleblowing reports. (Please note that this form will only be added to your business listing after your sign up/subscription has been completed and approved.)

5. Business contact information.

6. Business category/industry.

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