The Importance of Employee Communication Channels

The Importance of Employee Communication Channels

FREE Source of Information

Employees generally know 99% of what is happening in any business. Whether it is misappropriation, affairs or unethical behaviour, your employees have first-hand knowledge or a fair suspicion of what is happening.

Providing a secure channel for communication is not only a legal requirement but if used properly can identify flaws before it is too late.

Example – An entrepreneur with more than one outlet will naturally spend most of his/her time at the outlet closest to home. Only when the other outlet/s start showing trouble will the focus be moved there.

Providing an outsourced secure communication channel could have brought the “lurking problem” to the surface a lot sooner, which could have minimised losses. – If you fail to listen to your employees you are failing to make use of a free reliable source who has first-hand information.

Talent Losses

Honest and ethical employees generally want to distance themselves from dishonesty and unethical behaviour.

The unfortunate reality is that in most cases dishonesty in a business involve more than one person and this leads to favoritism and other evils. – The dishonest junior employee who does the dirty work for the senior employees can do what he/she wants without any consequences, and soon that junior employee will start making demands, such as promotion, leave during peak times when others must work and more.

The honest employees, who see that nothing gets done to the dishonest and most of the time more junior staff member, will at some point make a career decision to leave and look for an ethical and fair environment somewhere else. – Whilst conducting exit-interviews with staff who are leaving, we heard that they became tired of the dishonesty and in many instances became scared of being labelled a part of the problem when it eventually surfaces.

If you want to retain the talent you need to listen to your staff.

Talent Gaining

If your company consistently operate with integrity, honesty, and transparency, you will start receiving applications from the right people.

People you can build your future on, not only with skills but also those who want to work in an honest and transparent environment.

The added advantage is that these type of employee are also normally followed by clientele who believes in them, no matter where they are working it.

Legal Compliance

Creating and maintaining an honest and transparent environment for employees, generally leads to the company being compliant on all levels of legislation and industry-related rules.

Apart from having happy productive employees, there is no need for sleepless nights about being cited or penalised for something.

A Deterrence for Dishonest Employees

Dishonest employees in a company where co-workers can speak “directly to the employer”, would now be required to watch out for so many more pairs of eyes when they want to do something stupid.

This would deter dishonest employees to the point where they would leave for a company where they can be dishonest and fill their pockets without fear of being reported.

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