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We are a paid-for third-party reporting platform, handling information pertaining exclusively to our subscribers.

We do not collect information and pass it on to you in a fancy-worded report. Our team analyses the information, compares it with information on our database and works out a plan of action to address the problem. We provide you with a detailed report with tangible solutions, including the costs required if we must assist to achieve the desired outcomes.

We use only the best former SAPS investigators with proven track records in investigations and intelligence gathering.

Wonder WHY you MUST have Dondo The Talking Drum in your business?

The LawCustomer ComplaintsCustomer ComplimentsWhistleblowing
The Protected Disclosures Amendment Act promulgated on the 2nd of August 2017 place a duty on employers to create internal procedures to deal with protected disclosures.With social media an upset customer can destroy a business’ name. If a customer does not get proper feedback the next step will be social media.Recognition is important for employees. Getting it from an external source adds more value to it. They feel it is more anonymous.We receive information from all sources, whom wants to blow the whistle on something.
Disclosures include:
  • Criminal offences
  • Unfair Discrimination
  • Health and Safety
  • And more.
Our trained team receives the customer complaint and engages in dialogue with the customer, to gather more information about the problem.Our trained team receives the customer compliment and engages in dialogue with the customer, to gather more information about the incident.Our trained team engages in dialogue with the whistleblower to gather as much as possible information. Totally anonymous.
The Act place a duty on employers to communicate action taken, or intended action taken. Our trained team do not only keep record of all disclosures, but we also communicate on behalf of our subscriber.We then engage in solution finding communication with our subscriber’s nominated person.We then provide our subscriber with the details. The employee’s details are posted on our social media pages, where the good service is recognized publicly.A report is compiled where we not only include the information, but also recommended action. This may include a proposal for our investigation services.
Failure to follow the above law will result in dismissal becoming automatic unfair dismissals and action might be adjudicated as unfair labour practice.We provide feedback to the upset customer. We also provide a report to our subscriber with recommended preventative measures.If our subscriber accepts our proposal and quotation, we provide the services. Alternatively, the subscriber can conduct their own investigation.

Still wondering why, you MUST have Dondo The Talking Drum in your business?

There is so much more we can help with through proper management of your Whistleblowing Hotline.

DeterrenceEarlier DetectionEmployee’s RightsBetter Investigation ProspectsCalming Effect on Upset ClientsContinuous Communication
Employees will think twice if they know everyone is able to report their wrongdoing.Losing money through dishonesty is always unpleasant and can be avoided.Providing a safe environment for employees to work in that is not limited to providing physical/visible measures. It includes protection against harassment and victimization.South African labour legislation can sometimes make it very difficult to dismiss an employee, even if you “know” they did something wrong. Proving wrongdoing can be assisted with this.Upset clients want to complain to someone other than the business/person that caused the frustration.Any information missed during a single call to a conventional toll-free call centre is missed forever. There is very little chance that the whistleblower will call again to make sure that all the information supplied was recorded correctly.

Statistics from (PWC) Global Economic Crime Survey (2016) –

  • Two in every three organisations in SA report falling victim to economic crimes of some kind;

  • One in four South African companies indicated they have lost between R1.8m and R18m because of fraud and theft;

    • In 2016, 45% of fraudsters acting against companies were employees.
Continuing to lose money through dishonesty will become unbearable as it will in all probability lead to the business closing their doors. The earlier the business owner can receive information, the less money will be lost. Outsourced hotline services are the business owner’s “radar” where “bogeys” can be detected before they are able kill the business.The Protected Disclosures Amendment Act states that a disclosure made to anyone in the business will be handled as if it was reported to the employer him/herself. Managers failing to escalate the reported information to higher levels may cause the employer to stand responsible for compensation pay-outs of up to 24 months’ salary.Having good first-hand information will dramatically increase the prospects of success in any investigation, whether it be for an internal disciplinary hearing or a proper criminal investigation.Our approach of listening, solving and continuous feedback is what will encourage clients to return to the business, even after an unfortunate incident. Our experience in the corporate client service industry is what sets us apart.Our network and communication methods allow the opportunity to continually ask more questions, and in the process allows us to extract more information. We use our many years of skills in informant handling, to create trust relationships with whistleblowers. With our method, we can collect much more information than any call centre agent can.

The Expertise of The Team behind Dondo

Willem van Romburgh www.willemvanromburgh.co.za

Willem is a specialist interrogator with more than 27 years of experience as an investigator. In addition, he holds both South African and International Security qualifications and is accredited as a Labour Specialist. He is a member of the AHI Employers Organisation. His career as an investigator started when he joined the SAPS in 1992. During this time, he won numerous awards as an investigator. After leaving the SAPS in 1999, he became an internal investigator at Old Mutual Head Office. He is currently completing his LLB degree through Unisa.

Our Specialist Team
For safety reasons we do not divulge who they are. We can, however, reveal that our full time and ad-hoc team include:

  • Former SAPS Investigators
  • Former Crime Intelligence Operators
  • Former Customer Care and Dispute Resolution Experts coming from several JSE listed companies
  • Legal Experts
  • Security Experts
  • Information Technology Experts

What our competitors are not telling you about Whistleblowing and Hotlines.

Dondo The Talking DrumThe Rest
Handle Dishonesty and Service/Product Complaints.Dishonesty Only.
Investigation/auditing approach, where communication is handled by seasoned former SAPS Investigators.Call Centre Environment where calls are answered by operators with call centre skills.
Ongoing Communication is possible as we use our skills to build an informer/handler relationship, using our skills.One call where any information missed, is missed forever.
More than 100 years’ SAPS Investigations Experience and still actively involved in private investigations.Unknown.
One-Stop service provider where we handle investigations ourselves.A report is provided, and the subscriber need to approach an investigator.


Apart from all the above our subscribers also enjoy:

  • FREE Access to our Q and A service –
    • Subscribers can ask us any questions related to stock shrinkage, dishonesty, problematic employees and more.
    • Our team’s expertise areas include –
      • Criminal law;
      • Labour law;
      • Investigations.
  • Urgent Bulletins –
    • Subscribers can subscribe to receiving urgent bulletins on –
      • New crime trends;
      • Labour Unrest which may affect businesses;
      • Other important information.
  • Monthly Newsletters
    • Subscribers receive monthly newsletters which include topics such as –
      • Crime Trends and Modus Operandi used;
      • Crime Prevention Tips;
      • Other Important Information.


0 - 30 Employees
R750 Signup Fee
  • Whistleblowing Management
  • Access to Q and A Service
  • Urgent Bulletins
  • Monthly Newsletters
31 - 50 Employees
R750 Signup Fee
  • Whistleblowing Management
  • Access to Q and A Service
  • Urgent Bulletins
  • Monthly Newsletters
51 - 80 Employees
R750 Signup Fee
  • Whistleblowing Management
  • Access to Q and A Service
  • Urgent Bulletins
  • Monthly Newsletters
81 - 100 Employees
R750 Signup Fee
  • Whistleblowing Management
  • Access to Q and A Service
  • Urgent Bulletins
  • Monthly Newsletters

A once-off joining and setup fee of R750.00 applies to all bussinesses.

Payment of all Fees is done in Advance.

Fees are per single premises.

For multiple premises, separate subscriptions need to be taken. – The joining fee only applies to the first one, when joining multiple premises in one session.

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